Normal in-stock products will be processed within 2-5 working days after payment (excluding Chinese local weekends and statutory holidays).

In addition, it may be delayed or unable to ship due to some unexpected circumstances, KeepRobust will notify you as soon as possible according to the contact information you reserved for placing the order.


The destination address required for transportation, the consignee's contact information such as phone number, etc., are important information for the goods to arrive at the destination accurately. Please fill in carefully and check the relevant information carefully.


We provide 3 general types of transportation solutions for you to choose from. Most countries or regions support these 3 solutions, and a small number of countries or regions only support 1 or 2 of these 3 solutions, or even do not support them. The suppliers of our three transportation solutions are mainly China Post Express ( and SF Express (; if your area is special, you can also communicate with us, we individually contact you the shipping provider you are willing to pay for and can reach your country or region.


1.    Economy Class: The economical type mainly spends less money and bears a longer transportation time, usually reaching most countries or regions in about 7~35 days. In addition, there may be only a small number of routes that provide feedback on transportation tracking information.

2.    Standard Class: Standard Type mainly spends ordinary money and bears ordinary transportation time, and usually reaches most countries or regions in about 7~25 days. Standard shipping information tracking services are provided, but are not fully guaranteed.

3.    Priority Class: The priority type mainly spends more money and bears less transportation time, usually reaching most countries or regions in about 7~15 days. Provide more routes and more guaranteed transportation information tracking and feedback services.


1.    Special delay or loss: Due to special circumstances such as natural disasters, wars, epidemics, accidents, etc., the transportation plan may not reach the destination according to the estimated average time, or even be lost.

2.    National regulations: In addition, the customs at the destination of the goods may extend the delivery time or even fail to receive the goods due to the customs import policies of different countries or regions. Please pay attention to the relevant regulations of your country or region in advance.

3.    Overweight transportation: Our three general transportation plans are all carried by small parcels. The weight of the largest single parcel does not exceed (including packaging, less than or equal to) 30kg; if the goods you purchase exceed (including packaging, greater than) 30kg, we will follow In the actual situation, multiple packages are disassembled to meet the transportation requirements.

4.    Shipping price: The shipping price will be calculated according to the plan you choose and the country or region you are in.

5.    Change the shipping order: Once the package is taken over by the shipping company, we will not be able to modify the relevant shipping order information. Please know in advance and confirm the information about the final destination before placing the order.

6.    The goods have not been received: If you have not received your goods after the shipping date you selected, please contact us immediately through the contact information, and we will assist you to negotiate with the shipping company.

7.    Damaged goods: If the goods are damaged when you receive them, you can refuse to receive the goods and contact us, and we will assist you in negotiating with the shipping company.

8.    Other costs: KeepRobust's shipping costs are only for the cost of transporting your goods, and do not include any taxes, customs and duties that you need to pay for your order in your country or region.


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